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Welcome to the University of Pittsburgh Institutional Review Board online application, OSIRIS (Online Submission for Institutional Reviews)

Transition to PittPRO (please read carefully)

HRPO is pleased to announce that the new IRB application, PittPRO, is ready to go live! After receiving very positive comments during the beta testing phase, all new studies that qualify for either Exempt or Expedited review will be required to be submitted in PittPRO as of October 15, 2018.

During this transition period, it is important that we manage applications created in OSIRIS but not yet reviewed by the IRB. Therefore, any Exempt or Expedited application created after October 15, 2018 or still in Pre-Submission after 4 weeks will be withdrawn.  

We are in the process of beta testing the full board review process. If you are interested in submitting a full board study in PittPRO, contact the HRPO Director for permission at askirb@pitt.edu

  • All new studies will be required to be submitted into PittPRO beginning January 1, 2019.  

In the coming months, we will be announcing plans for the transition of existing projects from OSIRIS to PittPRO. All currently approved studies will continue to be managed in OSIRIS. 

If you have any questions or comments, email us at askirb@pitt.edu. We thank you in advance for your cooperation during this transition period.  


For general information about the University of Pittsburgh IRB and OSIRIS, go to www.hrpo.pitt.edu.

Login to OSIRIS:

  • You will need a username and password from HSConnect.  If you need to create an account, go to www.hsconnect.pitt.edu.  It is important that you do not create duplicate accounts.  If unsure, contact us at irb@pitt.edu or HSConnect support team at 412-648-2222.

  • You must have completed the required CITI training available at www.citi.pitt.edu.

Your HSConnect username and password is used to log into both the CITI and OSIRIS sites.

If you need more information about obtaining your username and/or password, navigating OSIRIS, or other IRB related questions, please review the General Information page, available from the link on the left side of this page, or contact us at ask@pitt.edu.

Thank you for using OSIRIS!



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