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Welcome to the University of Pittsburgh Institutional Review Board online application, OSIRIS (Online Submission for Institutional Reviews)

All new studies must be submitted through PittPRO, with the exception of sIRB protocols. All modifications will be submitted in OSIRIS until the study is approved in PittPRO.

Updated 6/23/2020: Per our announcement on June 18, 2020, all remaining open OSIRIS studies IN ANY STATUS are required to transition into PittPRO by July 30, 2020. The only exception are studies where Pitt is serving as IRB of record for multiple sites or studies where Pitt ceded review to another IRB (EXT submissions).

If a study is not transitioned by the deadline, HRPO will not process modifications of your existing protocols in either OSIRIS or PittPRO or any new submission in PittPRO until all of your approved studies are transitioned.

Here are a couple of reminders:
  * If you have, or are able to create, a de-identified data set for use during analysis, you can submit a final report and continue with the analysis
  * If you are leaving the study open because you have samples or data where secondary analysis might take place at a later date, you can terminate the study, maintain the data or specimens (even if identifiable) and submit a separate submission when you want to utilize the data or specimens. This was not an option in the past, but the Revised Common Rule now permits this to occur.

For additional FAQs on this topic, review the information at the following link:http://www.hrpo.pitt.edu/node/599

IMPORTANT: If you need to make changes to your project (including the addition of new funding) after it is archived, you will have to submit a new application into PittPRO. Similarly, if you will be requesting Material Transfer or Data Use Agreements through MyRA associated with this project, you will have to submit a new application in PittPRO. There are a series of FAQs on this topic on the HRPO website: http://www.hrpo.pitt.edu/news-story/archiving-exempt-studies-osiris.


OSIRIS Transition to PittPRO

  1. Create a New Study
  2. Re-create your OSIRIS application (copy/paste content from OSIRIS)
  3. On the Study Scope page, Item 10: Is this application being submitted to convert an approved study from OSIRIS to PittPRO (Tip Sheet)? Select Yes
    1. a. The Tip Sheet is a tool to help map the main sections of OSIRIS with corresponding pages in PittPRO
  4. Download the PittPRO Conversion form displayed in the beige textbox and upload into the OSIRIS Renewal Form section as requested
  5. Be sure and enter your OSIRIS study number (starting with either PRO or IRB) into OSIRIS ID section (email orp@pitt.edu if you need assistance)
  6. There may be new questions in PittPRO not previously addressed in OSIRIS
  7. For studies in Data Analysis Only or Long-Term Follow-Up, utilize the instructions found here: http://www.hrpo.pitt.edu/node/572
  8. Remove the footer from the OSIRIS consent form before uploading into PittPRO

Email askirb@pitt.edu if you have any any questions.

The HRPO website at www.hrpo.pitt.edu offers extensive information and the A-Z Guidance section provides details on specific topics to assist with preparation of the application and the conduct of your research project.

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